minac - feed additives mineral binders and anti-caking consortium

FEFANA and IMA-Europe identified an opportunity for close cooperation, in order to assure the consistency of IMA-Europe activities in this field with those of FEFANA and the consortia established. They have decided to cooperate on the preparation of dossiers for the re-authorization of industrial minerals used as feed additives (binder and anti-caking). Close relationship between Commission, EFSA and FEFANA has been seen as an important added value for the consortia establishment by FEFANA, but also the sharing of know how and the consistency of industry attitude for the preparation and further management of authorization dossiers. The established structures of IMA-Europe and technical expertise in industrial minerals and authorization processes in general bring another important value to the cooperation.


Both parties agree to establish a common authorization consortium, named MINAC.


MINAC is a joined initiative of IMA-Europe and FEFANA to support the re-authorization of the relevant industrial minerals under the Article 10 procedure of Regulation 1931/2003.


Here is the list of minerals included in the working list of MINAC:


E 560: natural mixtures of steatites and chlorite of functional group Binders, anti-caking agents and coagulants;


E 559: kaolinitic clays, free of asbestos of functional group Binders, anti-caking agents and coagulants;


E 558: bentonite-montmorillonite of functional group Binders, anti-caking agents and coagulants;


E 551c: kieselgur (diatomaceous earth, purified) of functional group Binders, anti-caking agents and coagulants.


Other potential candidates for re-authorization depend on the interest showed by the companies that are or will be involved in these activities.


The management and administration of the MINAC group and all related liability aspects regarding the EU competition law or any other relevant legislation shall be entirely under the responsibility of IMA-Europe.


FEFANA and IMA-Europe will provide the best technical support possible to MINAC.


Here are the contact details of both parties, which you can get more information from:





Secretary General: Michelle Wyart-Remy

26 Rue des deux Eglises - Box 2

1000 Brussels


Tel.: 32 2 210 44 10

Fax: 32 2 210 44 29



Contact person:

Mira Tayah



Secretary General: Didier Jans

120 Avenue Louise - Box 13

1050 Brussels


Tel.: +32 2 639 66 60

Fax: +32 2 640 41 11



Contact person:

Ludovic Arnaud